IT Professional Services in Kingston, Ontario

Over 20 years of experience: KCC Inc. was created in December 1994, to serve the information technology community of Ottawa and surrounding area. The prime source of revenue for KCC Inc. Inc. has been the federal government and IT firms that serve the federal government.

In 2007, KCC Inc. relocated to Kingston, ON Canada. We continue to provide services to clients all over North America.

We are dedicated to producing high quality, affordable software that meets our clients' needs. Thank you for considering us.

Client Server Applications
KCC Inc. provides a wide variety of  IT services. At its onset, it was more involved in the development of client server applications and web development. The client server business had been a core business.

Web Development
KCC Inc. also serves the web development market and is committed to providing web development at a reasonable cost for small businesses.

Help for Small Business
KCC Inc. believes that small business operators can befefit by automating and streamlining day-to-day business processes. This can be done without purchasing bloated, expensive software suites or equipment.

Contact us to find out how you can save money, increase efficiency, and eliminate redundant tasks that distract you from your main goal: succeeding at your business.

Health Care Data Expertise
KCC Inc. has extensive experience with Electronic Medical Records software such as OSCAR EMR and Telus Practice Solutions. Family Health Clinics, Medical Research Teams and Health Practioners look to us for solutions when they require advanced data reporting from their EMR databases.

IT Professionals at Kinsella Computer Consultants Inc. also build research and reporting tools and applications for clients in the Health Care industry.